Bubble is the first Antrax IT fireplace with an open hearth designed to furnish and create an atmosphere that only direct contact with a flame can give.
It has an unusual and original shape; it looks like a metal bubble – from which its name derives – full of fire. It can be fixed to the wall or the ceiling, to become a fireplace in the centre of the room.
It is made of black or grey varnished steel. The varnish is resistant to high temperature.


Maunakea comprises two pure geometric shapes that complement each other and breathe life into an innovative, contemporary subject.The originality of the lines, designed around the fire, convey the shape of a volcano and are a distinguishing feature of Maunakea.
A part connecting the fireplace to the wall mimics the outline of Maunakea, creating a striking scenographic effect.
This part can be personalised with different colours (200 choices from the Ral scale), depending on the environment
the fireplace is to be fitted in. The bioethanol version of Maunakea is fitted without a flue pipe and can be equipped
with Led back lighting.


Wall and B= box. A traditional open-mouthed fireplace which enhances the romantic cracking of the fire and the scents of burning, where the heat produced records the ancient warmth of the hearth.
Tradition in a contemporary context, opaque black in lasercut steel, precision assembled by robots and skilfully finished as if tailor-made. When removed from the walls and the floor, it looks like a light box suspended in air.


Drop is a fireplace with none of the rigid aesthetic and constructive constraints that generally apply to this type of
It expresses itself with a great deal of majesty and force, giving an entirely new form to heat and to the flame.
It features a mouth that contains the fire and is built on a sheet of laser-cut, varnished steel and has a central chimney, which makes it a focal point of a room and not just an object relegated to marginal spaces.
Drop is a suspended body over the house - an active, dynamic and changing environment, able to interpret the needs of contemporary living with harmony.


Joker is a fireplace suspended above the floor and detached from the wall, thanks to a simple attachment system that allows air to circulate behind it. This increases the exchange surface, a factor that contributes to increased heat output.
Joker occupies small spaces and, by playing on the contrast between different materials, guarantees a touch of originality to the environment in which it is placed. It is made of stainless steel with ceramic components.